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The Bottom Hole Assembly is an important part in the drilling process. With our application, you can chosse what you want on the drilling string and see it visually with our module. With these features the user is able to drill the hole as efficient as posible


Solve for flow, pressure, or TFA. Plot impact jet Force and BHHP curves. Detailed pressure drop analysis and hydraulic summary. Surface equipment classes selection


The software allows you to control your well with a 3D view of it allowing to compare As Planned vs As Drill plot. The system allows to have collision checks for wells in the area


Survey Data Entry and Analysis, Survey Plot, Map, Reporting. This give the engineer all the necessary information to analyze the production of the wellbore and maintain it. Each one of our features can also be made into a report so anyone who sees t can look more in depth into the numbers and correlactions of the data

BHA Vibration Analysis *

Personalize Bottom Hole Assembly

Torque & Drag **

Mobile Friendly

Our software lets you access your projects from any mobile device. We think that the ability to have access to major projects at the palm of you hand is essential for success. From graphs to drilling reports, you can access everything you need to be able to make important decisions from anywhere you go. Compatible for both Mac & Windows.

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